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On my own responsibility and knowing the penalties provided for by the provisions of par. 6 of article 22 of Law. 1599/1986, I declare that the data and information is correct and true.

I confirm that I have read and fully understand the criteria and conditions for beneficiaries of ISIC or ITYC or ITIC and that the documents I send with the application is complete, accurate and true.

I authorize the issuer to contact the relevant authorities and schools / colleges / universities to confirm the accuracy and reliability of the documents.

I am aware that the ISIC, ITYC or ITIC can and will be canceled without notice by the ISIC issuing organization before or after the issue, if it is proved that the information / documents are incorrect, inaccurate or false, with no refund.

I agree that the information and data can be stored by Dimopoulos – Narlian SA ISIC Greece -The Student World and ISIC Global Office BV, and used to verify information regarding services and products where the possession of ISIC or ITYC or ITIC stands a certification proof. The information and my data is not available to discounts providers or other organizations.

The discounts providers do not have access to your information but just the possibility to confirm their accuracy, reliability and validity of ISIC or ITYC or ITIC.

All holders have the right to access and correct the information through communication with Dimopoulos – Narlian SA ISIC Greece -The Student World. For information on ISIC Global Office B.V. Click here.

The ISIC / IYTC and ITIC cards are issued based on the information you provide. The cards are not replaced in the event of false, incorrect or misleading information.

Cancellation policy

If all required documents and passport size photo are not sent or proved that the documents are false or misleading and / or photo is inappropriate, the ISIC application and transaction (payment by credit, debit or prepaid card) will be canceled.

Cancellation of the transaction (payment by credit, debit or prepaid card) is accepted after a written request to the email address info@isicgreece.gr has been sent and only ISIC , IYTC or ITIC have not been already issued and processed at the time of receipt of the request. No cancellation is accepted after the issuance of the cards.